My name is John Shamo and I am one of Kyle’s clients, well more like best friends now. I got started with him in April of 2017, so I’ve been training with him for about a year and 9 months.

There came a point in time where I felt like I was in a constant rut with my life and I wasn’t progressing towards anything. I had a decent job and that’s literally it, nothing more than going to work and coming home. Although I wasn’t diagnosed with depression or anything like that, I was always down on myself and rarely did I experience happiness. I was scared of bettering myself and moving forward with my life. I was going to the gym but it was only because I had too and not because I wanted to.

One day I woke up and something inside me shifted. I looked in the mirror and I just mental told myself that I’m sick of how I look and how I feel. My Mom told me to call Kyle and set up a training session. I went and we both vibed and I actually had a fun time working out. I knew that Kyle was supposed to be my trainer. When I started with Kyle I weighed 240 lbs., had a big ol’ belly, 0 confidence, and no goals in life.

Fast forward a year and 9 months later, I’m down 15 lbs., shifted my body mass so I’m leaner than I’ve ever been, have more confidence in myself than my entire life combined, and I’m enrolled in a Physical Therapy Assistance program.

Yeah on paper Kyle is a personal trainer, but that’s not he does. He holds you accountable for your own health and motivates you to push yourself harder. Kyle’s mission is to genuinely guide people to a healthy lifestyle and make you a better version of yourself. Without Kyle’s help, I honestly think I would still be in that same, mundane, boring rut.