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Our mission is to make your heart as strong and healthy as possible while providing a safe and fun experience with a family friendly environment.


    Single Session

    $ 40

    • Up to 90 Minute Session
    • Personalized Workout Regimen
    • Individualized Coaching & Training
    • Relaxed Community Atmosphre
    • No minimum sessions required
      Simple pay-as-you-go personal fitness program.
    Kids & Student Plan

    $ 300

    • 10 Single Sessions
    • * All sessions must be scheduled in advance.
      Save your cash & your heart with this prepaid package!
    • * Requires proof of high school student status ( or younger ).

    The Equipment We Use

    Polar Club Heart Rate Monitors

    Our Polar heart rate monitors make it so we can see your heart beat live at all times, allowing us to keep you safe while burning the proper kind of calories.

    Lifespan Treadmills

    In our gym this isn’t your typical treadmill. Our specialty is to manipulate the speed and inclination to stay between the proper heart rate zones to condition your heart.

    The Power Plate

    This machine makes your muscles twitch 30-50 times per second allowing for maximum results with little stress on the body.

    Ethos Squat Rack

    The infamous squat/bench rack is ready for heavy lifters or people just trying to tone up. It’s time to test yourself against this beast.

    Bodycraft VR500 Rower

    This machine provides a full body work out with minimal impact on the joints. Great alternative to the treadmill for cardio.

    Hoist V6

    This pulley system allows two trainees to do two different exercises at the same time.



    The Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility.

    Vypor 2.0

    Allows you to warm up, activate and recover faster and more effectively than any other rollers.

    Venom Shoulder

    Combines heat and vibration to warm up, loosen and relax your muscles.

    Meet The Owner
    Kyle Hart

    At 23 years of age, weighing 232 lbs., there was a day I lost my breath trying to tie my shoes. I knew I needed to make a change. With dedication, consistent workout routines, and a healthy diet, I am now down to lean 175 lbs.

    Spending several years in a corporate gym, I discovered that the focus wasn’t on people, but dollars. That never sat right with me so I left. After opening up a personal program gym in my garage, I am so happy to have Hart 4 Heart Gym available to everyone.

    Success Stories

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    Free Personal Development Session

    Don’t let future you suffer. Start to change yourself today by improving your heart, health, and movement.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I work out without a trainer?

      Hart 4 Heart is a by appointment, personal studio gym focused on delivering results. Every session is led by a trainer and designed for you.

      If I eat too much protein, will I get fat?

      Short answer, no. Protein does not turn into fat. Instead, if you have too much, the body will remove the excess naturally.

      Is it a 1 on 1 session?

      It can be, but Hart 4 Heart is focused on building a family like atmosphere, enabling the trainees to interact, empower, and encourage each other. The trainers are there to assist in learning the exercises and ensure that everyone is safe and satisfied.

      I have a hurt shoulder/hip/ankle/elbow. Can I still train?

      Absolutely. Each workout is customized not only to improve strength and health, but to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. We rebuild those injured muscles and joints, rather than forcing through them.

      I don't know my schedule. Can I still join?

      Yes! Each session is individual and scheduled around you. If you have a 12 hour heads up, we can ensure a trainer will be available to help you.

      Didn't find the answer?

      Let us know! We will probably add it to the list. In the mean time, let us answer it with a quick call.