Our Community

At 71-years-old, there’s very little that can stop Shelley Radin from staying healthy.

She’s spent the last 17 years working with personal trainers, though she made her switch to Hart4Heart nearly five years ago at the recommendation of her nail technician. 

When asked if switching to a new gym and trainer after more than a decade was difficult, she said “not at all,” attributing it to the fact that she “can’t help” but be friends with Kyle, the owner and trainer at Hart4Heart.

Since then, she’s been in the gym four days a week, every week. Not even wrist, ankle and knee injuries could keep her from working out. 

“I never left [the gym],” she said. “We did other things that didn’t use my wrist.”

There’s a reason she never stopped though, and she said much of it is based on the trust she’s built with Kyle over the last several years.

“He watches to make sure you don’t get hurt,” she said. “Here you have some eyes watching to see if you do something stupid — which I tend to do,” she said.

In fact, she said one of the biggest benefits of being at Hart4Heart is the fact she just has to show up because Kyle has the equipment and pre-written workouts ready for her as soon as she gets there. 

“I don’t know what to do, but you don’t have to think [at Hart4Heart],” she said. “He tells you what to do, you do it and you feel good… It’s good to feel like you’re doing something good for yourself.”

Shelley said she’s been able to achieve several of her goals in the last few years, though her biggest has been being able to “eat what [she] wants,” which she attributes to her weekly fitness upkeep.

 “I don’t do much, I’m retired,” Radin said. “I’m getting older, you’ve gotta move.”

Her favorite part, though, is the community. She says she often sees the same people every week who share similar schedules at Hart4Heart, meaning she gets to socialize while staying healthy.

“It’s social time but workout time too, you talk and it’s just pleasurable,” she said. “I love the people here… Nobody judges you. It’s a perfect place.”