Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work out without a trainer?

Hart 4 Heart is a by appointment, personal studio gym focused on delivering results. Every session is led by a trainer and designed for you.

If I eat too much protein, will I get fat?

Short answer, no. Protein does not turn into fat. Instead, if you have too much, the body will remove the excess naturally.

Is it a 1 on 1 session?

It can be, but Hart 4 Heart is focused on building a family like atmosphere, enabling the trainees to interact, empower, and encourage each other. The trainers are there to assist in learning the exercises and ensure that everyone is safe and satisfied.

I have a hurt shoulder/hip/ankle/elbow. Can I still train?

Absolutely. Each workout is customized not only to improve strength and health, but to ensure that you are comfortable and safe. We rebuild those injured muscles and joints, rather than forcing through them.

I don't know my schedule. Can I still join?

Yes! Each session is individual and scheduled around you. If you have a 12 hour heads up, we can ensure a trainer will be available to help you.

Didn't find the answer?

Let us know! We will probably add it to the list. In the mean time, let us answer it with a quick call.