I began my weight loss journey in 2013 when I realized  how unhappy and unhealthy my lifestyle had become. So, I decided to take control of my fitness and began lifting and counting calories. Results came quickly, but so did my plateau. Without the guidance and knowledge needed, I soon became frustrated in the fact that I could no longer lose weight and thought that lifting heavier was the way to go.

I was wrong and instead I injured myself and had to take a break from working out resulting in some weight gain. Then along came Kyle! I have been training with Kyle since he opened Hart for Heart in 2017 and could not be any happier of meeting such a dedicated trainer.  Kyle has provided me with the knowledge I need to succeed. In the last year, I have lost more than 30 lbs,

I have gone from wearing a size 17 /19 in pants to a size 8, my heart is healthier and it’s all thanks to Kyle and the atmosphere he provides at Hart 4 Heart!